Root Explorer v4.11.4 With Crack Download

Root Explorer v4.11.4 + Crack Version Full Download

Software Root Explorer v4.11.4 is a file management app designed for Android devices. It allows users to explore and access the entire file system of their device, including system files and directories that are typically inaccessible without root permissions.

With this app, users can explore, move, copy, delete, and rename files and directories. It also supports various file formats, such as text files, images, audio files, videos, and APKs. Additionally, Root Explorer offers a built-in text editor and image viewer, allowing users to edit and view files directly within the app.

Root Explorer provides users with advanced features like multiple tabs for easy file management, shortcut creation for quick access to frequently used files or directories, and the ability to extract and create compressed files (ZIP and TAR). It also supports cloud storage services like Dropbox, Google Drive, and Box, allowing users to access and manage their files stored in the cloud. Furthermore, the app offers built-in SQLite database viewer, SSH file transfer, and Bluetooth file browser.

One of the significant advantages of Root Explorer is its root access capability, which allows users to access and modify system files. This makes it a useful tool for advanced users who want to customize their device, tweak system settings, and apply modifications that require root access.

Overall, Root Explorer v4.11.4 is a comprehensive file manager with a wide range of features and capabilities. Its root access support sets it apart from other file management apps, making it a preferred choice for users who want full control over their Android device’s file system.

Features of Root Explorer v4.11.4

The features of the software Root Explorer v4.11.4 include:

1. File Manager: It provides a powerful file manager functionality, allowing you to access and manage all files and folders on your Android device.

2. Root Access: This app requires root access to your device, enabling you to explore the root directory of your device and make changes to system files.

3. Multiple Tabs: Root Explorer supports multiple tabs, allowing you to open and work on multiple folders simultaneously, making file management tasks more efficient.

4. Archive Extraction: You can extract various compressed file formats like ZIP, RAR, TAR, etc. directly from within the app.

5. File Search: It includes a search feature that enables you to quickly find files and folders based on their name or extension.

6. Permissions Management: You can view and edit the permissions of files and folders, granting or revoking access as needed.

7. Text Editor: Root Explorer provides a built-in text editor, which allows you to edit and modify text files without the need for any additional apps.

8. APK Viewer: You can view details about installed applications, including package name, version, permissions, etc. and also uninstall them if needed.

9. Network Support: It allows you to connect to FTP servers, browse and transfer files between your Android device and remote servers.

10. Bookmarks: You can create bookmarks for frequently accessed folders or locations for quick and easy navigation.

11. Thumbnails: Root Explorer can display thumbnails for image and video files, allowing you to preview them before opening.

12. SQLite Database Viewer: It includes a built-in database viewer, which allows you to view and edit SQLite database files on your device.

13. Batch Operations: You can perform batch operations like batch renaming, copying, moving, and deleting multiple files or folders at once.

14. Customizable Interface: The app offers various customization options, allowing you to customize the interface theme, font size, icon size, and more.

15. Support for Cloud Storage: It supports various cloud storage services such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, etc., allowing you to access and manage files stored in the cloud.

These are some of the key features of Root Explorer v4.11.4, which make it a powerful file manager for rooted Android devices.

System Requirements

    The system requirements for Root Explorer v4.11.4 are as follows:

    1. Operating System: Android 4.0 and above
    2. Storage Space: Minimum 5MB of free space
    3. RAM: 1GB or more for smooth performance
    4. Processor: 1GHz or higher
    5. Root Access: The device must have root access to use all the features of Root Explorer effectively.

    Note: Root Explorer is an advanced file manager app for rooted Android devices, so it requires root access to perform certain operations.


    Root Explorer v4.11.4 is a powerful file manager app designed specifically for rooted Android devices. With its intuitive interface and comprehensive features, it allows users to access and manage files on their device’s root directory with ease. Users can copy, paste, delete, rename, and move files and folders effortlessly. The app also provides advanced features like the ability to extract ZIP files, create encrypted ZIP files, and edit system files. It supports various file formats including images, videos, music, and documents. Root Explorer v4.11.4 is a must-have tool for advanced users who want full control over their rooted Android device.

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