Ace Smart Launcher Prime v8.5 With Crack Download

Ace Smart Launcher Prime v8.5 + Crack Version Full Download

Ace Smart Launcher Prime v8.5 is a software application designed to enhance the user experience on Android devices. It is a launcher app that replaces the default home screen and offers various customization options to personalize the device.

The software provides users with a clean and organized interface by categorizing apps into different folders and sections. It uses a Smart Folder system that automatically sorts installed apps into relevant folders based on their category, such as Entertainment, Social Media, or Productivity.

Ace Smart Launcher Prime v8.5 offers various features to improve productivity and ease of use. It includes a powerful search function that allows users to quickly find apps, contacts, or web content by typing keywords. It also provides gesture controls for performing actions like swiping, double-tapping, or pinching on the screen.

The launcher app also supports various customization options, allowing users to change the appearance of icons, widgets, and other elements. It offers a wide range of icon packs and themes to choose from, enabling users to personalize their device’s look and feel.

Ace Smart Launcher Prime v8.5 also focuses on performance optimization, ensuring smooth and efficient operation. It includes a built-in cache cleaner and RAM booster to free up system resources and speed up the device. It also supports app locking and hiding, enabling users to secure their apps and protect their privacy.

Overall, Ace Smart Launcher Prime v8.5 is a feature-rich launcher app that offers a streamlined and customizable user experience on Android devices. Its focus on organization, customization, and performance optimization makes it a popular choice for those looking to enhance their device’s functionality and personalization options.

Features of Ace Smart Launcher Prime v8.5

The features of the software Ace Smart Launcher Prime v8.5 may include:

1. Customizable Interface: The launcher allows users to personalize their home screen with various themes, wallpapers, and icon packs. Users can also customize the grid size, icon size, and font size to fit their preferences.

2. Smart Search: The launcher provides a powerful search function that allows users to quickly find apps, contacts, and settings on their device. It also supports web search, providing instant results from popular search engines.

3. Gesture Controls: Ace Smart Launcher Prime offers gesture controls that enable users to perform actions such as swiping up, pinching, or double-tapping on the screen to perform certain functions like opening apps or launching shortcuts.

4. App Hider: The launcher provides an option to hide certain apps from the app drawer, ensuring privacy and preventing unauthorized access to sensitive applications.

5. Smart Folders: Ace Smart Launcher Prime automatically categorizes apps into folders based on their functionality or category. This helps users to keep their app drawer organized and easily accessible.

6. Smart Widgets: The launcher offers a variety of customizable widgets that provide quick access to frequently used apps, contacts, calendar events, weather information, and more.

7. Notification Badges: Ace Smart Launcher Prime displays notification badges on app icons to indicate the number of unread messages or notifications, providing a convenient way to stay updated at a glance.

8. Battery Saver: The launcher includes a built-in battery saver feature that optimizes battery usage by killing background processes and reducing screen brightness to extend the device’s battery life.

9. Backup and Restore: Users can backup their launcher settings, including themes, wallpapers, icon packs, and layout configurations, and restore them on another device or after a factory reset.

10. Performance Optimization: Ace Smart Launcher Prime focuses on delivering a smooth and fast user experience by optimizing the launcher’s performance, reducing memory usage, and minimizing system resource consumption.

System Requirements

    The system requirements for Ace Smart Launcher Prime v8.5 are:

    Operating System: Android 4.0 and above
    RAM: 1GB or higher
    Storage: 50MB free space
    Processor: 1GHz or higher
    Screen Resolution: 480×800 pixels or higher


    Ace Smart Launcher Prime v8.5 is a powerful launcher for Android devices that offers a smooth and efficient user experience. With its clean and intuitive interface, users can easily customize their home screens, organize their apps, and access their favorite features with just a few taps. The launcher also includes advanced features like gesture controls, app locking, and a quick search bar for quick and easy navigation. Additionally, Ace Smart Launcher Prime v8.5 offers a wide range of themes and wallpapers to personalize the device’s appearance. Overall, it is a reliable and feature-rich launcher that enhances the overall functionality of any Android device.

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