ADV Screen Recorder v4.8.1 With Crack Download

ADV Screen Recorder v4.8.1 + Crack Version Full Download

ADV Screen Recorder v4.8.1 is a software application that allows users to record their screen activity on Android devices. It is primarily designed for recording gameplay videos, tutorials, app demonstrations, and other screen-based activities.

One of the key features of ADV Screen Recorder is its simplicity and ease of use. Users can start and stop recording with just a single tap, making it convenient for capturing spontaneous moments. The software also offers various customization options such as the ability to add a countdown timer, draw on the screen during recording, and use the front-facing camera to capture reactions or commentary alongside the screen recording.

ADV Screen Recorder also includes advanced features like recording audio from the device’s internal audio or external microphone, displaying touch gestures on the screen, and adjusting video resolution and bit rate for optimal video quality. It also provides options for trimming and editing recorded videos, making it a versatile tool for content creators.

In addition to its recording capabilities, ADV Screen Recorder offers a built-in video editor that allows users to trim, merge, and add effects to their recorded videos. This eliminates the need for a separate editing software.

Overall, ADV Screen Recorder v4.8.1 is a powerful and user-friendly screen recording application for Android devices, suitable for both casual users and professional content creators.

Features of ADV Screen Recorder v4.8.1

– Record videos in high quality with up to 1080p resolution
– Capture audio from the device’s microphone
– Ability to record videos with external audio sources
– Capture video from the front or back camera
– Overlay a customizable text or logo on the recorded video
– Set a countdown timer before recording starts
– Draw on the screen while recording to highlight or annotate certain areas
– Pause and resume recordings at any time
– Trim and edit recorded videos directly within the app
– Create GIFs from recorded videos
– Live stream to platforms like YouTube, Twitch, or Facebook Live
– Access a video player within the app to view recorded videos
– Share recorded videos to various platforms, including social media or cloud storage services
– No time limits or watermarks on recordings (in the premium version)

System Requirements

    The system requirements for ADV Screen Recorder v4.8.1 are as follows:

    Operating System:
    – Android 5.0 (Lollipop) or higher

    – Minimum 1 GB RAM

    – Minimum 20 MB of free storage space

    – ADV Screen Recorder requires permission to access media files, camera, and microphone to record videos with audio.

    Device Compatibility:
    – ADV Screen Recorder is compatible with most Android devices, including smartphones and tablets.

    Additional Requirements:
    – Internet connection (Optional): Required to access advertisements and to share recorded videos online.

    Note: These requirements may vary depending on the device and Android version. It is always recommended to check the Google Play Store for the most up-to-date system requirements and compatibility details.


    ADV Screen Recorder v4.8.1 is a powerful screen recording app for Android devices. With its user-friendly interface, users can easily capture and record their device’s screen activity and share it with others. The app offers various features such as recording with or without audio, recording in high definition, customizable video resolution, and adjustable frame rates. Users can also add their own logo or watermark, pause and resume recording, and use a countdown timer for accurate video capture. Additionally, ADV Screen Recorder allows users to edit their recorded videos and trim unwanted parts. Overall, it is a reliable and efficient screen recording app for Android.

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