AOE – Notification LED Light v7.8.9 With Crack Download

AOE – Notification LED Light v7.8.9 + Crack Version Full Download

Software AOE – Notification LED Light v7.8.9 is an Android application that allows users to customize the notification LED light on their devices. The app provides various options and features to control the LED light’s behavior for different notifications.

One of the key features of AOE – Notification LED Light is its ability to assign different colors to different apps and notifications. Users can set a specific color for important notifications like calls, messages, or emails, making it easier to identify them at a glance.

Furthermore, users can also choose from different LED styles and patterns. The app offers various animations, such as blinking, breathing, or fading, to make the notification LED light more visually appealing and distinctive.

Additionally, AOE – Notification LED Light allows users to customize the LED light for specific contacts. This means that users can assign unique colors for different contacts, helping them distinguish between notifications from different individuals.

The app also provides an option to customize the LED light’s behavior during the charging process. Users can set specific colors or animations to indicate charging status or low battery levels.

From a customization standpoint, AOE – Notification LED Light offers a user-friendly interface with simple controls to adjust LED settings. The app also provides options to enable or disable LED notifications selectively, allowing users to have more control over which notifications trigger the LED light.

In summary, AOE – Notification LED Light v7.8.9 is a versatile application that allows users to personalize and control the LED notification light on their Android devices. With various customization options and features, users can easily identify different notifications and enhance their device’s visual appeal.

Features of AOE – Notification LED Light v7.8.9

The features of the software AOE – Notification LED Light v7.8.9 may include:

1. LED customization: The software allows users to customize the LED notification light according to their preferences. Users can choose different colors, patterns, and durations for different types of notifications.

2. App-specific settings: It provides the ability to set different LED notifications for specific apps. For example, users can set a different color for a message notification compared to a missed call notification.

3. Battery-friendly: The software is designed to be battery-friendly by using low power consumption. It ensures that the LED notification does not drain the device’s battery excessively.

4. Missed call reminder: It can provide a continuous LED notification for missed calls, ensuring that users never miss an important call.

5. SMS/MMS notifications: Users can customize LED notifications for incoming SMS or MMS messages.

6. Email notifications: It allows users to set LED notifications for different email accounts, helping them differentiate between personal and work-related emails.

7. Calendar and event notifications: The software can provide LED notifications for upcoming calendar events, reminders, or other important dates.

8. Social media notifications: Users can set different LED notifications for various social media apps such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

9. Customizable patterns: It offers various patterns for LED notifications, such as blinking, pulsing, fading, or solid colors.

10. Call reminder: The software can provide LED notifications during an incoming call, helping users to quickly identify who is calling without having to look at the screen.

11. Sleep mode: It provides an option to enable sleep mode, allowing users to turn off LED notifications during specified times, like sleeping hours or meetings.

12. Configurable settings: Users can easily configure and adjust the settings according to their preferences through a user-friendly interface.

13. App compatibility: The software is compatible with a wide range of Android apps and is regularly updated to ensure compatibility with the latest versions.

These are some possible features of AOE – Notification LED Light v7.8.9, but the actual features may vary depending on the specific version and updates released by the software developer.

System Requirements

    The system requirements for the AOE – Notification LED Light v7.8.9 are as follows:

    1. Operating System: Android 4.4 and above
    2. RAM: At least 2GB of RAM
    3. Storage: Minimum of 20MB of free storage space
    4. Permissions: Access to device notifications and settings
    5. Internet Connection: Required to download and update the app
    6. Display: Compatible with various screen sizes and resolutions
    7. Hardware: No specific hardware requirements

    Please note that these requirements may vary slightly depending on the device and Android version being used.


    AOE – Notification LED Light v7.8.9 is a handy app for Android devices that enhances the functionality of the notification LED light. It allows users to customize their LED notifications for various apps, calls, and other events. Users can choose from a wide range of colors and patterns for different types of notifications, making it easier to differentiate between them. The app also offers advanced features like repeat reminders and app exclusion lists. With its user-friendly interface and extensive customization options, AOE – Notification LED Light v7.8.9 is a must-have for those looking to personalize their device and stay on top of their notifications.

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