GBWhatsApp v14.10 With Crack Download

GBWhatsApp v14.10 + Crack Version Full Download

GBWhatsApp v14.10 is an upgraded version of the popular WhatsApp messaging app. It offers a wide range of additional features and customization options that are not available in the original WhatsApp application.

One of the main features of GBWhatsApp is the ability to use multiple WhatsApp accounts on the same device. This is particularly useful for users who have two separate phone numbers and want to keep their personal and professional conversations separate.

GBWhatsApp also offers enhanced privacy options. Users can hide their online status, blue ticks, and typing status from others. They can also disable the read receipts, so others cannot see if they have read their messages.

Additionally, GBWhatsApp provides various customization options. Users can choose from different themes and styles to personalize their WhatsApp interface. They can also change the colors of the chat bubbles, font styles, and backgrounds.

GBWhatsApp also includes features such as the ability to send larger file sizes, such as videos up to 100 MB, and audio files up to 50 MB. Users can also send more images at once compared to the original WhatsApp.

Furthermore, GBWhatsApp allows users to schedule messages, so they can be sent at a specific time. This can be useful for sending birthday wishes or reminders to others.

However, it is important to note that GBWhatsApp is not an official WhatsApp release and is developed by a third-party. This means there may be potential security risks associated with using the app. It is advised to exercise caution and use trusted sources when downloading and using such modified versions of popular apps.

Features of GBWhatsApp v14.10

The features of GBWhatsApp v14.10 may include:

1. Dual WhatsApp Accounts: GBWhatsApp allows you to use two different WhatsApp accounts on the same device, enabling you to manage personal and professional accounts separately.

2. Customization: The software offers extensive customization options, allowing you to change the theme, fonts, colors, and backgrounds of your WhatsApp interface.

3. Privacy Controls: GBWhatsApp provides advanced privacy settings, such as the ability to hide online status, blue tick, second tick, and typing indicator. You can also lock your chats with a password or fingerprint.

4. Content Sharing: You can share larger files, including up to 100 images at once, compared to the regular WhatsApp limit of 30. GBWhatsApp also supports file types like APKs, ZIPs, and more.

5. Enhanced Media Features: This version enables you to send up to 100MB of video files, compared to the regular WhatsApp limit of 16MB. You can also send high-quality images without compression.

6. Extended Status Limit: GBWhatsApp allows you to set longer video or audio status, which can be up to 7 minutes, compared to the regular WhatsApp limit of 30 seconds.

7. Disable Calls and Video Calls: If you prefer not to receive calls or video calls, GBWhatsApp lets you disable these features and have a chat-only experience.

8. Anti-Ban: This version of GBWhatsApp claims to have an anti-ban feature, minimizing the chances of getting banned while using the app.

9. Message Scheduler: GBWhatsApp offers a message scheduler that allows you to schedule messages to be sent at a specific time or on a particular day.

10. Backup and Restore: You can easily backup your chats and files and restore them when needed, ensuring you don’t lose any important data.

It’s worth mentioning that as GBWhatsApp is a modified version of WhatsApp, it is not officially supported by WhatsApp Inc. and may violate their terms of service.

System Requirements

    The specific system requirements for GBWhatsApp v14.10 may vary depending on the device and operating system version. However, the general system requirements for most smartphones running Android are:

    – Android operating system version 4.0.3 (Ice Cream Sandwich) or later.
    – Minimum of 1 GB of RAM (2 GB or more recommended for optimal performance).
    – At least 100 MB of free storage space on the device.
    – Internet connection (Wi-Fi or mobile data) for downloading and using the app.
    – The device must be able to install apps from unknown sources, as GBWhatsApp is not available on the Google Play Store and needs to be installed using APK files from the official GBWhatsApp website or other reliable sources.

    Please note that these are general requirements and may not cover all possible scenarios. It’s always best to consult the official GBWhatsApp documentation or support channels for the most accurate and up-to-date system requirements for the specific version you are using.


    GBWhatsApp v14.10 is an enhanced version of the popular messaging app that provides users with a range of additional features and customization options. With this version, users can enjoy advanced privacy features such as the ability to hide their online status, blue ticks, and typing status. It also offers a wide range of customization options, including the ability to customize the theme, fonts, and chat background. Moreover, GBWhatsApp v14.10 allows users to send large files, up to 100 MB, and share high-quality images without any loss in resolution. Overall, this version of GBWhatsApp enhances the user experience and provides added functionality for a more enjoyable messaging experience.

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