Glextor App Folder Organizer With Crack Download

Glextor App Folder Organizer + Crack Version Full Download

Glextor App Folder Organizer is a software application that allows users to organize and manage their Android applications. It provides a customized app drawer where users can create folders and categorize their apps for easier access and navigation.

The software offers various features to help users organize their apps efficiently. Users can create multiple folders and subfolders to categorize apps based on their preferences. The app also allows users to customize the appearance of folders with different icons and colors.

Additionally, Glextor App Folder Organizer offers features like app backups and restores, app hiding, and app search, making it easier for users to manage their apps effectively. The software also provides options to sort apps based on different criteria such as name, installation date, and size.

Overall, Glextor App Folder Organizer is a comprehensive tool for organizing Android apps. It helps users declutter their app drawer, improve app accessibility, and enhances the overall user experience with their Android device.

Features of Glextor App Folder Organizer

Some features of the Glextor App Folder Organizer software include:

1. Folder organization: Allows users to create custom folders and organize apps based on their preferences. This helps in reducing clutter and makes it easier to find and access apps.

2. App grouping: Provides the ability to group apps based on categories, themes, or any other user-defined criteria. This allows for a more organized and personalized app layout.

3. Smart folders: Automatically categorizes and sorts apps based on certain criteria, such as frequently used apps, recently installed apps, or app usage patterns.

4. Customization options: Offers various customization options for folders, including different folder styles, icons, labels, and colors. This allows users to personalize their app organization and makes it visually appealing.

5. Backup and restore: Allows users to back up their app organization settings and restore them in case of device upgrades, resets, or new installations.

6. Search and filters: Provides a search function and filters to quickly find specific apps within folders. This saves time and effort in locating apps manually.

7. Hidden apps: Allows users to hide certain apps from the app drawer and only access them through the folder. This is particularly useful for keeping sensitive apps or removing bloatware from the app drawer.

8. Gesture support: Offers gesture-based controls for easy navigation and quick access to apps. This enhances the user experience and makes app management more effortless.

9. Multiple folder styles: Provides different folder styles, including grid, list, and floating window styles. This enables users to choose the most suitable layout for their app organization needs.

10. App security: Offers password or fingerprint protection for folders to enhance app privacy and prevent unauthorized access.

11. Backup/restore feature: Users can backup/restore app folders and settings for easy transfer to new devices or after system resets.

These are some of the main features of the Glextor App Folder Organizer software.

System Requirements

    The system requirements for the Glextor App Folder Organizer app are as follows:

    Operating System: Android 5.0 and above
    RAM: At least 1 GB
    Storage: Minimum of 20 MB available storage
    Permissions: Access to device storage, internet, and network connections

    It is important to note that these are the minimum requirements, and for optimal performance, it is recommended to have a higher-end device with more RAM and storage.


    GLEXTOR App Folder Organizer is a powerful app management tool that helps users organize and categorize their apps for efficient use. With the latest version, it offers even more features and improvements. Users can create custom app folders, arrange them in a grid or list format, and customize the icon and name for each folder. The app also allows for quick search and filtering options, making it easier to find specific apps. Furthermore, Glextor App Folder Organizer provides backup and restore options, ensuring that users can easily transfer their organized folders to a new device.

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