IP Webcam Pro 1.15.0r.768 With Crack Download

IP Webcam Pro 1.15.0r.768 + Crack Version Full Download

Software IP Webcam Pro 1.15.0r.768 is a version of the IP Webcam Pro software. This software allows users to turn their Android device into a network camera with multiple viewing options. It provides a wide range of features and functionalities that enhance the surveillance capabilities of the device.

Some key features of the software include:

1. Live video streaming: The software enables users to stream live video from their Android device to a web browser or any other compatible client. This feature allows users to access the video feed from anywhere in the world.

2. Motion detection and alerts: IP Webcam Pro includes motion detection capabilities, which can trigger alerts and notifications whenever any movement is detected. This feature is useful for monitoring the surroundings and enhances security.

3. Audio streaming: Apart from video streaming, the software also supports audio streaming. Users can listen to the audio captured by the Android device’s microphone remotely.

4. Password protection: To ensure privacy and security, IP Webcam Pro allows users to set up a password for accessing the video feed and other settings.

5. Camera controls: The software provides various camera controls such as zoom, autofocus, white balance, and exposure settings. Users can adjust these settings to capture the best possible video quality.

6. Multiple viewing options: IP Webcam Pro supports multiple viewing options like the built-in web server, VLC player, and additional plugins. This allows users to view the video feed using their preferred method or platform.

Overall, IP Webcam Pro 1.15.0r.768 is a feature-rich software that transforms Android devices into network cameras. Its wide range of functionalities and easy-to-use interface make it a popular choice among users looking for a cost-effective surveillance solution.

Features of IP Webcam Pro 1.15.0r.768

The features of the software IP Webcam Pro 1.15.0r.768 may include:

1. Video streaming: It allows users to stream live video from their Android devices to a web browser or any other supported device.

2. Audio streaming: Along with video, it also supports audio streaming, allowing users to transmit the sound captured by their device’s microphone.

3. Motion detection: The software can detect motion in the video feed and trigger an alert or start recording automatically. This can be useful for security purposes or monitoring.

4. Video recording: It enables users to record the video stream and save it locally on their device or to an external storage device.

5. Multiple camera support: IP Webcam Pro supports multiple cameras connected to one device, allowing users to switch between different camera feeds.

6. File sharing: It provides options to share the video or audio files with others through various methods like email, social media, or cloud storage services.

7. Camera controls: The software offers control over various camera settings, including resolution, focus, white balance, exposure, and more.

8. Customizable web interface: Users can customize the web interface with their preferred settings, such as video quality, orientation, and display preferences.

9. Background mode: It allows users to run the software in the background while using other apps or when the device is locked.

10. Remote access: Users can access the video feed from anywhere by providing a specific IP address or scanning a QR code, offering convenience for remote monitoring.

It’s important to note that these are general features, and specific features may vary depending on the version of the software and the device’s capabilities.

System Requirements

    The system requirements for IP Webcam Pro 1.15.0r.768 are as follows:

    – Android device running on version 4.1 or higher
    – Webcam app supports Android 2.2 and above
    – Internet connection (Wi-Fi or mobile data)
    – A device with a camera (front or rear camera)
    – Some features, such as the ability to record videos and use the camera flash, may require specific hardware capabilities, such as a rear camera with flash support.
    – Sufficient storage space on the device for saving captured photos and videos.
    – Some advanced features, such as motion detection and background audio transmission, may require a device with higher processing power and memory.

    It is always recommended to check the specific requirements mentioned on the app’s official website or the Google Play Store page for the most up-to-date information.


    IP Webcam Pro 1.15.0r.768 is a powerful app that turns your Android device into a network camera. With this app, you can easily stream videos and audios over a local network or the internet. It supports various video formats, including MJPEG, RTSP, and WebRTC, allowing you to view the feed on different devices and platforms. The app also offers advanced features like motion detection, audio detection, and cloud recording, making it ideal for home surveillance or monitoring purposes. IP Webcam Pro 1.15.0r.768 provides a user-friendly interface, along with customization options for resolution, camera orientation, and streaming settings.

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