KillApps – Close all apps v1.30.2 With Crack Download

KillApps – Close all apps v1.30.2 + Crack Version Full Download

Software KillApps – Close all apps v1.30.2 is a mobile application that allows users to efficiently close all running applications on their Android devices with just one tap. Developed by Youssef Ouadban Tech, it offers multiple features to help improve device performance and battery life.

The main feature of KillApps is the ability to instantly terminate all running apps, freeing up system resources and memory. By closing unnecessary background processes, users can experience a faster and smoother smartphone or tablet performance. This can be particularly useful for devices that lag or experience slowdowns due to a large number of open applications.

Additionally, KillApps offers an Auto Close feature that allows users to schedule automatic closing of apps at specific intervals or times. This feature can be customized to suit individual preferences and device usage patterns. By automatically closing apps, users can ensure that their devices are always running efficiently without the need for manual intervention.

KillApps also provides users with a Whitelist feature that allows them to specify certain applications that should not be closed. This can be useful for apps that need to remain active in the background, such as music or navigation apps. By adding these apps to the whitelist, users can prevent them from being terminated when using the auto close or close all features.

Furthermore, the software offers a widget that can be placed on the home screen, allowing users to quickly close all apps with a single tap without having to open the KillApps application. This widget provides convenient access to the app’s functionality and can save time when needing to close multiple apps on the go.

Overall, KillApps – Close all apps v1.30.2 is a reliable and user-friendly application for Android devices that effectively closes all running apps, improving device performance and extending battery life. Its additional features, such as Auto Close and Whitelist, provide further customization options for users to tailor the app’s functionality to their specific needs.

Features of KillApps – Close all apps v1.30.2

The features of the software KillApps – Close all apps v1.30.2 include:

1. Close all apps: KillApps allows you to close all running apps with just one tap. This saves you the time and effort of manually closing each app individually.

2. Auto-close apps: You can set KillApps to automatically close certain apps when the screen is turned off or when the device is locked. This helps save battery life and optimize device performance.

3. Ignore list: KillApps provides an option to create an ignore list, where you can exclude certain apps from being closed when using the close all apps feature. This is useful for apps that need to run in the background or apps that you frequently use.

4. System apps protection: KillApps allows you to protect system apps from being closed accidentally. You can mark certain system apps as protected, preventing them from being closed when using the close all apps feature.

5. Task killer widget: KillApps provides a widget that can be placed on the home screen for quick access. This allows you to close apps directly from the home screen without opening the app itself.

6. Auto-start on boot: You can enable KillApps to automatically start and run in the background when the device boots up. This ensures that KillApps is always ready to close any running apps.

7. Battery and performance optimization: By closing unused apps, KillApps helps optimize device performance and extend battery life. It eliminates the need for manual app closing, saving system resources.

8. UI customization: KillApps offers various customization options for the user interface. You can choose from different themes, change the app icons, and personalize the app according to your preferences.

9. Notification toggle: KillApps provides a notification toggle that can be used to quickly access the app and close running apps. This offers convenient and easy access to the app’s features.

Overall, KillApps – Close all apps v1.30.2 is a powerful app that simplifies the process of closing running apps, enhances device performance, and helps extend battery life.

System Requirements

    The system requirements for the KillApps – Close all apps v1.30.2 are as follows:

    Operating System: Android 4.4 and above
    Minimum RAM: 2GB
    Storage Space: 20MB
    Permissions: Killapps requires permission to access device storage, contacts, and running apps.
    Processor: Arm64-v8a, armeabi-v7a, x86, x86_64
    Internet Connection: Not required for basic functionality, but some features like online backup and online themes may require an internet connection.

    Note: These requirements may vary depending on the device and the version of the app. It is advisable to always check the official app listing or contact the developer for the most accurate and up-to-date system requirements.


    KillApps is a powerful application for Android devices that helps users close all running apps with a single click. With its user-friendly interface, users can easily navigate through the app and select the apps they want to close. This app is ideal for those who want to free up memory space, improve device performance, and conserve battery life. Additionally, KillApps allows users to create a whitelist of apps that they want to keep running even when closing all apps. Overall, KillApps is a convenient and efficient tool for managing and optimizing app usage on Android devices.

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