NotifyBuddy – Notification LED v1.96 With Crack Download

NotifyBuddy – Notification LED v1.96 + Crack Version Full Download

NotifyBuddy – Notification LED v1.96 is a software that allows users to customize their notification LED on their Android devices. It provides various options to control the LED light and create a unique notification experience.

With NotifyBuddy, users can choose different LED colors for different types of notifications, such as missed calls, messages, emails, and app notifications. It also offers the ability to set specific LED colors for individual contacts or apps.

The software allows users to customize the LED blink rate and duration, providing flexibility in creating their desired notification pattern. Additionally, NotifyBuddy includes an option to override system settings and keep the LED blinking until the notification is dismissed.

Moreover, NotifyBuddy supports edge lighting and notification preview features. This means that users can set their device’s edges to light up when a notification arrives, providing an additional visual cue for incoming notifications. The notification preview feature allows users to see a preview of the notification content without unlocking their device.

NotifyBuddy consumes minimal system resources and does not significantly impact device performance or battery life. It is compatible with various Android devices and can be easily installed and configured from the Play Store.

Overall, NotifyBuddy – Notification LED v1.96 is a versatile software that offers extensive customization options for notification LEDs on Android devices. It enhances the user’s notification experience by allowing them to personalize LED colors, blink rates, and durations, as well as utilize features like edge lighting and notification previews.

Features of NotifyBuddy – Notification LED v1.96

The features of the software NotifyBuddy – Notification LED v1.96 include:

1. Notification LED customization: The software allows users to customize the LED notification color for different apps and notifications. This feature helps users differentiate between notifications easily.

2. LED pulse effect: NotifyBuddy offers a customizable LED pulse effect, which gives an eye-catching pulsating effect to the notification LED. Users can adjust the pulse duration, interval, and brightness according to their preference.

3. Battery-friendly: The software is designed to be battery-friendly, ensuring that it doesn’t greatly impact the device’s battery life while running in the background.

4. Popup notifications: NotifyBuddy provides popup notifications for selected apps. Users can choose to display popup notifications for specific apps, enabling them to quickly view and respond to notifications without fully opening the app.

5. Edge lighting support: The software supports edge lighting on certain devices. This feature allows the notification LED to also light up the sides of the device, enhancing the visual notification experience.

6. Customize LED behavior: NotifyBuddy allows users to customize the LED behavior and characteristics, such as LED on/off duration, blink duration, and LED brightness, providing flexibility in managing notifications.

7. Persistent notification: The software runs as a persistent notification in the notification shade, allowing users to easily access its settings and switch it on/off whenever needed.

8. Low-profile notification: NotifyBuddy offers a low-profile notification option, which reduces the visibility of the app’s icon in the notification shade.

9. Auto-start on boot: The software provides an option to automatically start on device boot, ensuring that the LED notification functionality is always available.

10. App-specific settings: Users can configure different LED settings for individual apps, including custom colors, LED duration, and vibration patterns, allowing for personalized notification experiences for each app.

11. Sleep mode: NotifyBuddy features a sleep mode option, which temporarily disables LED notifications during a specified time period. This can be useful to prevent interruptions during sleep or other specific times.

Note: The mentioned features are specific to the version “NotifyBuddy – Notification LED v1.96” and may be subject to updates or changes in future versions.

System Requirements

    The system requirements for NotifyBuddy – Notification LED v1.96 are not specified in the given information. It is best to refer to the app’s official documentation or contact the developer for the specific system requirements.


    NotifyBuddy – Notification LED v1.96 is a versatile app that enhances the functionality of the LED light on your smartphone. It allows you to customize the LED color and pattern for different types of notifications, such as calls, messages, and social media alerts. You can also set the LED to light up during charging or when the device is low on battery. Additionally, NotifyBuddy offers options for adjusting the LED blink length, frequency, and intensity. With its user-friendly interface and extensive customization features, this app is a must-have for anyone looking to personalize their notification experience.

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