Olympia – Icon Pack v5.2 With Crack Download

Olympia – Icon Pack v5.2 + Crack Version Full Download

The Software Olympia – Icon Pack v5.2 is a set of icons designed for Android devices. It offers a unique and modern style, featuring flat icons with a vibrant color palette. The pack includes over 10,000 icons, covering a wide range of app categories, including popular social media, productivity, entertainment, and gaming apps.

The icons are carefully designed with attention to detail, ensuring a consistent look across all apps. They are available in high resolution, making them suitable for both small and large screens. Additionally, the pack supports dynamic calendar icons, allowing users to have their app icons display the date.

To customize the look of their device, users can apply the Software Olympia – Icon Pack through compatible launcher apps like Nova Launcher, Action Launcher, and Apex Launcher. The pack also supports various other launchers, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of Android devices.

In addition to providing a wide variety of icons, the Software Olympia – Icon Pack v5.2 also offers numerous additional features and tools. These include a built-in icon request tool, which allows users to request specific icons that are not yet available in the pack. Regular updates ensure that new icon requests are fulfilled, keeping the pack up to date.

Overall, the Software Olympia – Icon Pack v5.2 is a comprehensive icon pack for Android devices, providing users with a vast selection of high-quality icons to customize the look of their device. With its modern design and vibrant color palette, the pack offers a visually appealing and cohesive icon set for any Android user.

Features of Olympia – Icon Pack v5.2

1. Customizable Icons: Olympia – Icon Pack offers a wide range of icons in different styles and themes. Users can choose and customize their home screen icons according to their preferences.

2. Icon Request: The software includes an icon request feature that allows users to request new icons for their favorite apps. This helps in keeping the icon pack up to date with the latest and most popular apps.

3. Regular Updates: The software offers regular updates with new icon additions and improvements. This ensures that users always have access to the latest and best icons for their home screen.

4. Icon Search: Olympia – Icon Pack includes a search feature that allows users to quickly find specific icons. This is helpful when looking for icons for specific apps or functions.

5. Dynamic Calendar Support: The software supports dynamic calendar icons, which means that the icons automatically update to show the current date. This can be a helpful feature for users who use their home screen to keep track of important dates and events.

6. Wallpaper Collection: Olympia – Icon Pack includes a collection of high-quality wallpapers that complement the icons. Users can choose from a variety of wallpapers to further customize their home screen.

7. Icon Masking: The software supports icon masking, which means that even if an app does not have a specifically designed icon, it will be automatically masked to match the style of the rest of the icons in the pack. This helps in maintaining a cohesive and uniform look for the home screen.

8. Easy to Use: The software is designed to be user-friendly and easy to use. Users can simply install the pack and apply the icons to their home screen with a few taps.

9. Support for Multiple Launchers: Olympia – Icon Pack is compatible with multiple launchers, including popular ones like Nova, Apex, and ADW. This ensures that users can use the icon pack irrespective of the launcher they prefer.

10. Sufficient Icon Coverage: The software covers a wide range of app icons, ensuring that most popular apps are included. This allows users to maintain a consistent look for their home screen, without missing icons for frequently used apps.

System Requirements

    The system requirements for the Olympia – Icon Pack v5.2 may vary depending on the platform it is being used on. Here are the general system requirements for Android devices:

    – Operating System: Android 4.0.3 and above
    – Storage Space: The icon pack may require a certain amount of storage space to install, though the exact size may vary. It is recommended to have at least 50MB of free storage space.
    – RAM: The icon pack should be able to run smoothly on devices with at least 1GB of RAM. However, having more RAM may enhance the performance.
    – Launcher: A supported third-party launcher is required to use the icon pack. Some popular launchers that support icon packs include Nova Launcher, Apex Launcher, and Action Launcher. Make sure to have one of these launchers installed.

    It’s important to note that these are general system requirements and may vary depending on the specific device or launcher being used.


    Olympia – Icon Pack v5.2 is a visually stunning and highly customizable icon pack for Android devices. With over 4,000 icons in high definition, it offers a wide range of options to personalize your device’s home screen. The pack includes icons for popular apps, as well as a collection of various styles and designs to suit any aesthetic preference. In addition to the vast icon library, Olympia also offers dynamic calendars, system app shortcuts, and a variety of wallpapers to further enhance your device’s appearance. With regular updates and customer support, Olympia – Icon Pack v5.2 is a must-have for any Android user looking to add a touch of elegance to their device.

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