PDF Scanner – Document Scanner v4.0.14 With Crack Download

PDF Scanner – Document Scanner v4.0.14 + Crack Version Full Download

The PDF Scanner – Document Scanner v4.0.14 is a software application designed to convert physical documents into digital PDF format using a smartphone camera. It offers features that enhance the scanning process and improve the quality of the scanned documents.

Key features of the software include:

1. Document scanning: The app uses the smartphone camera to capture images of physical documents and convert them into digital format.

2. Automatic edge detection: The software automatically detects the edges of the document being scanned, ensuring that only the relevant content is captured.

3. Image enhancement: The app enhances the quality of the scanned image by adjusting the brightness, contrast, and color saturation, resulting in clearer and more readable documents.

4. PDF conversion: The scanned images are converted into PDF format, making it easy to store and share them digitally.

5. OCR (Optical Character Recognition): The software utilizes OCR technology to recognize text in the scanned documents. This allows for searching, copying, and editing the text within the PDF.

6. Multipage scanning: It supports scanning multiple pages and merging them into a single PDF file. This is useful for scanning lengthy documents or book pages.

7. File organization: The app provides options to organize and rename scanned documents within the software. This helps in efficient management and retrieval of scanned files.

8. Cloud integration: The software allows users to sync their scanned PDFs with various cloud storage services like Google Drive, Dropbox, or OneDrive. This ensures easy access to documents across multiple devices.

9. Secure document sharing: PDF files can be shared securely via email, messaging apps, or cloud storage platforms, ensuring confidentiality and integrity.

10. Advanced editing options: The software provides editing tools to rotate, crop, or delete pages within the scanned PDFs. Annotations and signatures can also be added for review and approval purposes.

11. Batch processing: Users can scan multiple documents at once, processing them in a batch and saving time and effort.

Overall, the PDF Scanner – Document Scanner v4.0.14 is a comprehensive software solution that offers efficient and feature-rich document scanning capabilities, making it a valuable tool for individuals and businesses alike.

Features of PDF Scanner – Document Scanner v4.0.14

1. Document scanning: The software allows users to easily scan documents using their smartphone camera. It can capture high-quality images and convert them into PDF files.

2. Automatic image enhancement: PDF Scanner includes automatic image enhancement features that enhance the clarity and quality of the scanned documents. It can remove shadows, correct any distorted images, and improve the overall appearance of the document.

3. OCR (Optical Character Recognition): The software uses OCR technology to recognize and extract text from scanned documents. It can convert scanned documents into editable text files, making it easy to search, copy, and edit the content.

4. Multiple scanning modes: PDF Scanner offers different scanning modes, including color, black and white, and grayscale. Users can choose the appropriate mode depending on their specific requirements.

5. Batch scanning: Users can scan multiple documents in a single batch, saving time and effort. The software automatically detects and separates individual documents within the batch.

6. Image editing tools: PDF Scanner provides basic image editing tools, allowing users to make adjustments to the scanned documents. They can crop, rotate, and resize the images, as well as adjust brightness, contrast, and saturation levels.

7. File management: The software includes file management features, allowing users to organize and manage their scanned documents. They can create folders, rename files, and easily search for specific documents.

8. Cloud integration: PDF Scanner supports integration with cloud storage services like Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive. Users can directly upload their scanned documents to their cloud storage accounts for easy access and sharing.

9. Security features: The software offers options for password protection and encryption, ensuring the security and privacy of scanned documents.

10. Share and Export options: Users can easily share their scanned documents via email or other messaging apps, or export them to other apps on their devices. The software supports various file formats for exporting, including PDF, JPG, and PNG.

System Requirements

    The system requirements for the PDF Scanner – Document Scanner v4.0.14 may vary depending on the operating system and device type. However, here are the general system requirements for most compatible devices:

    – Operating System: Android 4.4 and above or iOS 10.0 and above
    – Storage: At least 100MB of available storage space
    – RAM: Minimum of 2GB RAM
    – Camera: Devices typically require a rear camera with autofocus capability for scanning documents
    – Internet Connection: Required for some features like cloud storage or OCR (Optical Character Recognition)

    It’s important to note that these requirements may be subject to change and users should always check the app store or developer’s website for the most up-to-date information on system requirements.


    PDF Scanner – Document Scanner v4.0.14 is a comprehensive scanning app that allows users to effortlessly scan any document or photo and convert it into a PDF file. With its automatic edge detection feature, users don’t have to worry about aligning their documents perfectly. The app also provides various editing options, such as adjusting brightness and contrast, enhancing image quality, and cropping unwanted portions. Additionally, it supports OCR technology, making it possible to extract text from scanned documents. It is a reliable tool for both personal and professional use, ensuring efficient and high-quality scanning results.

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