Scanner Radio Pro – Police – Fire v7.2.3 With Crack Download

Scanner Radio Pro – Police – Fire v7.2.3 + Crack Version Full Download

Software Scanner Radio Pro – Police – Fire v7.2.3 is a mobile application available on various platforms such as Android and iOS. It allows users to listen to live audio from thousands of police and fire scanners around the world.

The app provides real-time access to emergency service broadcasts, including police, fire, and EMS communications. Users can tune in to various frequencies and listen to conversations between emergency personnel, enabling them to stay updated on incidents and events in their area.

Scanner Radio Pro offers a user-friendly interface with a search feature that allows users to find specific channels or agencies. It also provides a favorites section where users can save their preferred channels for quick access. The app supports notifications, so users can receive alerts when major incidents occur in their selected areas.

The software has a wide coverage, supporting scanners from different countries and regions. In addition to emergency services, it also includes air traffic control, amateur radio, and marine broadcasts, among others.

Scanner Radio Pro – Police – Fire v7.2.3 offers features such as the ability to record audio from the scanner, share audio streams with others, and view the top 50 most-listened-to channels to discover popular feeds. The app also includes options to customize the player’s appearance, such as changing the color theme.

Overall, Scanner Radio Pro – Police – Fire v7.2.3 is a comprehensive app that provides users with access to live audio feeds from various emergency service scanners worldwide. It serves as a valuable tool for staying informed about incidents, emergencies, and public safety activities happening in real-time.

Features of Scanner Radio Pro – Police – Fire v7.2.3

The features of the Scanner Radio Pro – Police – Fire v7.2.3 software include:

1. Access to thousands of live audio feeds from police and fire departments, weather updates, emergency services, and more.

2. Listen to scanner feeds from all over the world, with channels available for various locations and frequencies.

3. Customizable notifications for specific channels or keywords, allowing users to stay informed about specific incidents or events.

4. Option to save recordings of interesting or important feeds for future reference.

5. Ability to search for and listen to feeds by location or genre, making it easy to find relevant and interesting channels.

6. Integrated player with a pause and rewind feature, allowing users to go back and listen to important information again.

7. Share interesting feeds with friends or via social media.

8. Option to adjust the audio playback speed for faster or slower listening.

9. Dark mode option for easier viewing at night or in low light conditions.

10. Battery saver mode to reduce battery consumption while using the app.

11. Option to mark favorite channels for quick and easy access.

12. No ads or interruptions during usage with the Pro version.

Please note that features may vary depending on the specific version and device compatibility.

System Requirements

    The system requirements for Scanner Radio Pro – Police – Fire v7.2.3 are as follows:

    – Operating System: Android 4.0.3 and up
    – Memory (RAM): 1GB or higher
    – Storage Space: At least 5MB of available storage
    – Internet Connection: Wi-Fi or mobile data connection for streaming audio
    – Permissions: Access to device storage, Wi-Fi, and location services

    It is important to note that these requirements may vary depending on the specific device being used.


    Scanner Radio Pro – Police – Fire v7.2.3 is the ultimate app for keeping up with emergency services. This app allows users to listen to live audio from thousands of police and fire scanners from around the world. With a simple and intuitive interface, users can easily browse and search for scanners by location or by agency name. The app also features a favorites list that allows users to quickly access their preferred scanners. Scanner Radio Pro provides the most up-to-date information, allowing users to monitor emergency situations in real-time. This app is a must-have for anyone interested in staying informed on police and fire activity.

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