Smart Tools 2 v1.1.4 With Crack Download

Smart Tools 2 v1.1.4 + Crack Version Full Download

Smart Tools 2 v1.1.4 is a software that provides a wide range of tools and functionalities for users. It is designed to assist users in various tasks, making their everyday lives easier and more efficient.

One of the key features of Smart Tools 2 is its ability to measure different physical quantities. It includes a ruler, protractor, level, compass, and other tools that allow users to accurately measure distances, angles, and slopes. This can be particularly useful for construction professionals, DIY enthusiasts, and anyone who needs precise measurements.

Smart Tools 2 also includes tools for sound measurement. It can measure the sound level in decibels (dB), allowing users to monitor noise levels in their surroundings. This feature can be handy for professionals working in loud environments or for individuals concerned about noise pollution.

Furthermore, this software offers various utilities for everyday use. It includes a flashlight that utilizes the device’s camera flash, a magnifier that utilizes the device’s camera zoom, and a mirror that turns the device’s screen into a reflective surface. These tools can be practical in situations where there is a need for extra lighting, enlarged visibility, or a quick check on personal appearance.

In addition to these tools, Smart Tools 2 v1.1.4 also offers a unit converter, which provides conversions for various units of measurement, including length, weight, temperature, and more. This feature can save time and effort for users who frequently need to convert between different units.

Overall, Smart Tools 2 v1.1.4 is a versatile software package that provides users with a range of tools to simplify their daily tasks. Whether it’s measuring physical quantities, monitoring sound levels, or using various utilities, this software aims to enhance productivity and convenience for its users.

Features of Smart Tools 2 v1.1.4

Some features of the software Smart Tools 2 v1.1.4 may include:

1. Measurement tools: The software may include useful measurement tools such as a ruler, protractor, and level. These tools can be handy when need to measure objects accurately.

2. Conversion tools: Smart Tools 2 may provide a wide range of conversion tools such as unit converter, currency converter, and temperature converter. These tools can be useful when need to convert different types of measurements or currencies.

3. Calculator: The software may include a calculator with advanced functions. This calculator can perform basic arithmetic operations as well as more complex calculations.

4. Flashlight: Smart Tools 2 may have a built-in flashlight feature, which can be used in case of emergencies or when need to light up dark areas.

5. Magnifier: The software may include a magnifier tool that allows users to zoom in on small objects or text for better visibility.

6. Sound meter: Smart Tools 2 may have a sound meter tool that can measure the noise level in the environment. This feature can be useful in various situations, such as measuring the noise level in a workplace or checking the volume of speakers or headphones.

7. Compass: The software may include a compass feature that helps to determine the direction or find the way.

8. Stopwatch and timer: Smart Tools 2 may include a stopwatch and timer with various features like lap time, count down, and alarm. These features can be useful in sports activities, cooking, or other time-sensitive tasks.

It is important to note that the specific features may vary depending on the version and platform of the software.

System Requirements

    Unfortunately, the specific system requirements for Smart Tools 2 v1.1.4 are not available. It would be best to contact the developer or check the app’s documentation or website for the required system specifications.


    Smart Tools 2 v1.1.4 is an innovative and efficient app that offers a wide range of smart tools for everyday use. With its user-friendly interface, users can easily access various tools such as a flashlight, unit converter, bubble level, protractor, compass, sound meter, and more. The app provides accurate measurements and calculations, making it a reliable companion for DIY projects, carpentry, home improvement, and other professional tasks. It also offers customization options, allowing users to personalize their experience. Overall, Smart Tools 2 v1.1.4 is a must-have app for anyone looking for a comprehensive and practical set of tools accessible at their fingertips.

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