TorrDroid – Torrent Downloader v1.8.9 With Crack Download

TorrDroid – Torrent Downloader v1.8.9 + Crack Version Full Download

TorrDroid is a torrent downloader software application developed by IntelliGems. It allows users to download torrents directly on their Android devices without the need for any additional software.

The software comes with a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for users to search and download torrents. Users can search for torrents directly from the app or can add torrent files manually. TorrDroid also supports magnet links, allowing users to add torrents by simply clicking on magnet links from their browser.

Once a torrent is added, the software uses the BitTorrent protocol to download the files. TorrDroid supports simultaneous downloads, which means multiple torrents can be downloaded at the same time. The software also allows users to set download and upload speed limits to manage bandwidth consumption.

TorrDroid comes with a built-in torrent search engine that helps users find torrents from different sources. The search engine allows users to filter search results based on categories such as movies, music, games, and software. Additionally, users can sort search results by seeders, leechers, size, and time.

The software provides a smooth and seamless downloading experience by automatically optimizing the download speed based on network conditions. It also has a feature that allows users to stream media files while they are being downloaded.

TorrDroid comes with a built-in file manager that allows users to organize and manage their downloaded files. Users can view details about the downloaded files such as file size, download speed, and remaining time. The software also supports pausing, resuming, and prioritizing downloads.

Overall, TorrDroid is a comprehensive and feature-rich torrent downloader software application for Android devices. It provides users with a convenient way to search, download, and manage torrents directly on their smartphones or tablets.

Features of TorrDroid – Torrent Downloader v1.8.9

Some of the features of the software TorrDroid – Torrent Downloader v1.8.9 include:

1. Search and download torrents: TorrDroid allows users to easily search and download torrents from the web. It provides a built-in search engine that fetches results from multiple torrent sources.

2. Magnet link support: The software supports magnet links, which allows users to directly download torrents without having to download the .torrent file separately.

3. Fast and secure downloads: TorrDroid uses a powerful download engine that ensures fast and efficient downloads. It also provides a secure downloading environment to protect users from downloading harmful or malicious content.

4. Built-in torrent client: TorrDroid has its own built-in torrent client, which eliminates the need for using external torrent clients. This allows users to manage their torrents within the app itself.

5. Battery optimization: The software offers battery optimization options to minimize battery drain during torrent downloads. Users can choose the battery optimization level based on their preferences.

6. Wi-Fi only mode: TorrDroid allows users to download torrents only when connected to a Wi-Fi network. This helps in conserving mobile data and prevents automatic downloading when on cellular networks.

7. Multiple simultaneous downloads: Users can download multiple torrents simultaneously using TorrDroid. The software efficiently manages and prioritizes the downloads to ensure smooth performance.

8. Auto-pause and resume downloads: TorrDroid has an auto-pause feature that pauses downloads when the device goes to sleep or there is a loss of internet connectivity. It also automatically resumes downloads when the device is awake and connected to the internet again.

9. File browser and playback support: The software provides a file browser to easily navigate and manage downloaded files. It also supports media playback within the app, allowing users to preview or play downloaded media files.

10. User-friendly interface: TorrDroid has a clean and intuitive user interface, making it easy for users to search, download, and manage their torrents. The app is designed to provide a seamless torrent downloading experience.

System Requirements

    The system requirements for TorrDroid – Torrent Downloader v1.8.9 are:

    1. Operating System: Android 4.1 and above
    2. RAM: Minimum of 1 GB
    3. Storage: Minimum of 10 MB of free space
    4. Network: Active internet connection for downloading and uploading torrents
    5. Permissions: Access to storage, network, and other necessary permissions for downloading and managing torrents
    6. Optional: Some features may require additional permissions like microphone, camera, etc. depending on specific usage scenarios.


    TorrDroid is a powerful torrent downloader app that allows users to easily find and download torrents on their Android devices. With a user-friendly interface, users can search for their desired torrents using keywords or browse through various categories. The app also provides magnet links, allowing for quick and easy downloading. TorrDroid supports multiple simultaneous downloads with prioritization and control over download speeds. It also includes a built-in media player for previewing downloaded content. With seamless integration with the BitTorrent protocol, TorrDroid provides a reliable and efficient way to download torrents directly to your Android device.

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