VLC for Android 3.3.2 Mod With Crack Download

VLC for Android 3.3.2 Mod + Crack Version Full Download

VLC for Android 3.3.2 Mod is a modified version of the VLC media player app for Android devices. It offers additional features and functionalities compared to the original version.

This modded version of VLC for Android provides users with more customization options, improvements in performance, and added features that enhance the media playback experience. Some of the notable features of VLC for Android 3.3.2 Mod include:

1. Ad-free experience: This version removes all advertisements that may appear in the original app, ensuring an uninterrupted playback experience.

2. Increased playback speed: Users can adjust the playback speed of videos to match their preferences. This feature is helpful for consuming content at a faster pace.

3. Customizable user interface: The mod allows users to personalize the interface by changing themes, colors, and layouts, providing a more visually appealing experience.

4. Background playback: You can play audio or video files in the background even when the app is minimized or the screen is off, allowing for multitasking.

5. Video pop-up: This feature enables videos to be played in a small, resizable pop-up window, allowing users to continue watching while using other apps.

6. Network streaming options: The mod adds support for additional network protocols, enabling streaming from various sources like FTP servers, network shares, and more.

7. Equalizer and sound enhancements: The modded version includes an equalizer with presets and advanced sound settings for fine-tuning audio playback.

8. Gesture controls: Users can control playback and adjust volume by making various gestures on the screen, enhancing convenience and ease of use.

Overall, VLC for Android 3.3.2 Mod offers a modified version of the popular media player, providing additional features and enhancements that cater to users’ preferences for customization, performance, and viewing experience.

Features of VLC for Android 3.3.2 Mod

1. Wide format support: VLC for Android 3.3.2 Mod supports a wide range of video and audio formats, including MPEG-2, DivX, H.264, FLAC, MP3, AAC, and many more.

2. Network streaming: You can easily stream your media files from the internet or local network using VLC for Android. It supports both HTTP and RTP streaming protocols.

3. Subtitle support: The software allows you to add and download subtitles for your videos. You can customize the subtitle’s font, size, and color according to your preference.

4. Audio and video synchronization: VLC for Android provides options to adjust the synchronization of audio and video files. This feature is particularly useful when the audio and video are out of sync in certain media files.

5. Gesture control: The app offers gesture-based controls for volume, brightness, and seeking. You can simply swipe up or down on the screen to adjust these settings.

6. Equalizer and audio effects: VLC for Android comes with an equalizer that allows you to enhance the audio playback according to your taste. It also provides various audio effects like bass boost, stereo widening, and reverb.

7. Playlist management: You can create and manage playlists of your favorite media files using VLC for Android. It gives you the ability to add, remove, and rearrange media files within playlists.

8. Video playback controls: The software offers standard video playback controls such as play, pause, stop, and seek. It also supports playback speed control, allowing you to increase or decrease the playback speed.

9. Audio and video filters: VLC for Android includes various audio and video filters that can enhance the playback experience. You can apply filters like grayscale, sharpen, and color correction to your media files.

10. Widget and lock screen controls: The app provides a widget that allows you to control media playback directly from the home screen. It also offers playback controls on the lock screen for easier access to your media files.

System Requirements

    The system requirements for VLC for Android 3.3.2 Mod may vary depending on the specific modifications made to the app. However, here are the general system requirements for the original VLC for Android 3.3.2:

    – Operating System: Android 4.2 (Jelly Bean) or later
    – RAM: At least 1 GB of RAM (2 GB recommended)
    – Storage: At least 100 MB of free storage space
    – Processor: ARMv7 or ARM64 CPU with NEON support (x86 CPUs are not officially supported but may work)
    – Internet connection: Required for streaming media from the Internet
    – Supported Video Codecs: H.264, MPEG-4, H.263, VP8, VP9, and more
    – Supported Audio Codecs: MP3, AAC, FLAC, Vorbis, AC-3, DTS, and more

    These requirements may be subject to change with modifications made to the modded version of VLC for Android. It is important to refer to the specific mod’s documentation or instructions for any additional system requirements or compatibility information.


    VLC for Android 3.3.2 Mod is a modified version of the popular media player app that offers additional features and functionalities. This modded version provides users with an enhanced user interface and improved playback options. It includes features like adjustable playback speed, video streaming, and support for various file formats. The mod also allows users to access advanced audio and video settings, such as equalizer controls and subtitle options. Additionally, it offers additional customization options, allowing users to personalize their VLC experience. Overall, VLC for Android 3.3.2 Mod is a powerful and versatile media player that enhances the user experience with its additional features.

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